Browser Support

All contents in YouSee DNA is build for and tested in the browsers below. Any YouSee site or web application must be tested in the same browsers.


  • Chrome (3 latest versions) for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu [1]
  • Firefox (3 latest versions) for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu [1]
  • Safari (2 latest versions) for MacOS [2]
  • Edge (3 latest versions) for Windows [1]
  • Internet Explorer 11 for Windows [4]

Phone & Tablet

  • Chrome (3 latest versions) for Android and iOS [1]
  • Safari (2 latest versions) for iOS [2]
  • Samsung Internet (latest version) for Android [3]


Latest version cover only the major release version, patches and minor updates is not taken into consideration.

  1. Chrome, Firefox and Edge has a short regular release cycle, support for 2 prior version is necessarily.
  2. Safari has a longer release cycle, therefore support for only one prior version is necessary.
  3. Samsung Internet is the new wildcard in the browser realm, luckily based on Chromium, however possibly never updated by the consumer. As a result, only the latest release can be supported.
  4. Partial supported. Small visual bugs are acceptable, given that you can read and interact with the content.