How to Contribute

Reporting issues

Should you run into any issues with the documentation site, or npm package, please don’t hesitate to let us know by filling an issue. It is important that the issue is well described and a screenshot is added. Also, if you are filling in a bug please remember to add your browser version and steps in how to reproduce the issue. Please don’t assign anybody to the task. The contributors will automatically get a notification when your issue is created and will assign themselve when they have time to work on the issue.

Branching strategy

We use Gitflow. This means instead of a single master branch, this workflow uses two branches to record the history of the project. The master branch stores the official releases, and the develop branch serves as an integration branch for features. This means features and bugs branches should be created off and to the develop branch.

Pull Requests

Please fork our repository and create a pull request with your changes.

Generally we like to see pull requests that:

  • Maintain the existing code style
  • Are focused on a single change (i.e. avoid large refactoring or style adjustments in untouched code if not the primary goal of the pull request)
  • Have good commit messages that describe what you do (and not what you have done). Also, you can add - fixes #xxx in the end of your PR. This will automatically close your issue #xxx (e.g. #192) under issues when your code is released.

Instructions to spin up the site in your browser

Please run:

  • npm ci
  • npm i -g gulp (only if you don’t already have gulp installed)
  • gulp

Running tests

We don’t have automatic tests except Travis CI testing the build. However, if you add a new component to the site or make severe changes to an exsiting one we require that you test it in all our supported browsers.

Updating the NPM package and version number

This will be handled by somebody else when merging/deploying code to master/producton. We use semver for versioning. Basically, we have to decide if the code changes in the develop branch is a patch, minor or major update.

Releasing the latest version

This will be handled by somebody else when merging/deploying code to master/producton.

Current contributors